Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of beef is it?

Our feeder cattle are Angus yearling heifers born and raised on the ranch. They will be finished at approximately 18 months old.

Are they grass fed?

They are grazed in pasture during their first year. This is supplemented with hay during the winter. At one year of age they are removed from pasture and fed corn and silage during the fattening process.

Do you use hormones or antibiotics?

We never give the cattle growth hormones. We never feed the cattle antibiotics as a preventative as is common at feed lots. If an animal is displaying symptoms of an illness or infection they may be treated individually with antibiotics to cure them.

How much meat will I get?

You should expect around 100 lbs of beef in a single split-side.  It could be more or less depending on the size of the animal at delivery and how much trimming is done during processing.

~ 31% – Steaks
~ 31% – Roasts
~ 38% – Hamburger, Stew meat, etc…

That’s more than can commonly fit in the freezer section of a refrigerator.  We recommend chest freezers, but any dedicated freezer will work.

What price per pound am I paying?

We aim to be competitive with pricing at the grocery store. But since those cuts are priced individually, it’s difficult to make a direct comparison.

It should be around $8.50 per lb (inclusive of processing). That’s pretty expensive hamburger, but it’s cheap steaks!

When will payment be taken?

You will receive an invoice in March with a link to complete your purchase. Click the link and you will be taken to the cart to complete your order. Enter your credit card details and your card will be charged immediately.

Is my credit card secure?

We use Stripe, the industry leader in secure credit card payment processing. has no access to your credit card details. They are handled only by Stripe.


Who is the processor?

We’re working with Bichelmeyer Meats (Kansas City, Ks). They are centrally located within the city and have a great reputation over decades of service.

How does Custom Processing work?

Custom Processing is a special exemption that allows processing of beef for personal consumption by the owner of the live animal. Meat received from custom processing cannot be resold or donated. Once purchase is complete all communication regarding processing must take place between the owner (you) and the processor.

What is a Split-Side?

A split-side is a side of beef shared between two owners. Cuts are mixed together so that each customer receives an equal share from the front quarter and back quarter of the side.

How is it cut?

In order for a split-side to work both owners need to agree on how it will be processed. We’ve provided a pre-filled cut sheet. It’s important that you tell the processor that’s how you want it cut so that it can be shared with the other owner of the side.

What if I want it cut differently than the pre-filled cut sheet?

If you purchase a half or whole you can decide exactly how you’d like it be cut. If you’ve ordered a split-side you may also be able to order it cut differently, so long as it does not effect the ability of the processor to fulfill the order for the other split-side owner. It’s completely between you and the processor.

When will it be ready?

The processor will contact you when it is ready. That will likely be around May 1st. Just in time for summer grilling!

How do I get my meat?

You will pick it up from the processor.

How much does processing cost?

The processor has the following fee schedule (as of 2023)
$100 – slaughter fee per animal
$40 – offal removal fee per animal
$1 – processing fee per pound of hanging weight

Hanging weight is estimated to be around 700 pounds.  For the entire carcass, processing is estimated to be $840 dollars.  A split-side buyer would pay 1/4 of that, around $210.